Company Name : Ngo Gia Trading & Services Co. Ltd.,
Short Name : Ngo Gia Co. Ltd.,
Address : Binh Duong Industrial Zone - Di An   
Dist - Binh Duong Province Vietnam
Phone : 848.37241785 - 86 - 38964951 - 52
Fax : 848.38964950
Email : Ngogia@ngogiaco.com
Website : www.Ngogiaco.com
Established date : 05-01-1996
Licence No. : 004378GPITLDN-02
Authorized Dept. : Song Be’s Authorized Department.
Director : Mr. Ngô Sở Trị
Scope of activities : Trading Agricultural Products – Pepper & Coffee
Introduction :

Ngo Gia has been established by Ngo’s family members. That’s how Ngo Gia’s name was formed. Ngo Gia is a private owned company and operated in trading agricultural products which is most focusing on two major sectors: Pepper & Coffee. Annual export volume for Black Pepper is about 6,000 – 8,000 tonnes per year with the grade FAQ and RECLEANED for all density from 500 – 600 G/L, White Pepper is about 600 – 800 tonnes exported annually. For the coffee, export volume is about 9,000 – 10,000 tonnes per year with the screen 13, 16 & 18.

Ngo Gia is operating with the internal process from purchasing raw materials to processing and packaging. Hence, this enables us the ability to control and secure the quality for each consignment as well as satisfy fully all buyers’ requirements from different consuming markets. Within last couple years, we have invested hardly in order to maintain and upgrade the manufacturing system. With our serious focus on quality and reliability, Ngo Gia has gradually been recognized as one of the most consistent,reliable and competitive company in local as well as foreign market. During years, Ngo Gia has succeed in coming to large consuming markets with traditional customers like US, Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Russia…), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia…)

Market is a place always filled with potential risks and volatility in both quality and price. Therefore, finding a reliable partner with distinguishing capability and strong finance backup who can react and due with the sudden change in competitive environment is one of the most important matter. For Ngo Gia, we have strategy with good risk management program, the board of directors with years in experience and a team with experts allow us the ability to secure and implement fully all the commitments with buyers as well as sellers.

Ngo Gia Co. Ltd., - Your reliable partner.